Hack Your Way to Better Health: Metabolism and Blood Sugar Control

Course Summary

  • Introduction:
    • Week four focuses on metabolism hacks.
    • Addressing blood sugar issues is crucial to weight loss and overall good health.
  • Metabolism Hacks for Social Situations:
    • It’s possible to occasionally indulge without severe blood sugar spikes.
    • Consuming protein first can stabilize blood sugar.
    • Berberine, a supplement, can assist in glucose processing, acting as “Nature’s metformin.”
    • Fasting before a big meal or event can help deplete glycogen stores, making room for a carb-rich meal.
    • Physical activity, like walking, can help process glucose more efficiently.
    • When indulging, consider the order of food consumption: start with proteins and salads before moving to carbs.
    • Immediate physical activity, like squats or walking, can help reduce glucose spikes after indulgence.
  • Real-life Example:
    • I share a personal experience with a continuous glucose monitor when I learned this information for myself.
    • Even a small amount of sugar can cause significant glucose spikes.
    • Immediate physical activity, like squats and walking, helped reduce the glucose spike.
  • Tips for Parties and Holidays:
    • If unsure about available food options, eat ahead of time or bring a tray of suitable food.
    • People often don’t notice if someone isn’t eating during mingling or hors d’oeuvres.
    • For holidays, preparing and bringing your own dish ensures there’s something you can eat.

Key Takeaway

Understanding and managing your metabolism is crucial for maintaining stable blood sugar levels. By incorporating specific hacks, like prioritizing protein, fasting before indulgent meals, and engaging in immediate post-meal physical activity, you can enjoy occasional indulgences without severely disrupting your blood sugar. Always be prepared and proactive, especially during social events or holidays.


  • Understand your current blood sugar levels and metabolism. Consider using tools like a continuous glucose monitor for accurate tracking.
  • Familiarize yourself with foods and activities that impact your blood sugar levels.

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