Weight Loss for Life: 30-Day Workshop

Welcome to the workshop

Welcome to our 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge Workshop! Below, you’ll find the course outline. Our introductory step by step video will guide you through the workings of this challenge and how to navigate the platform. Let’s get started!

Step by Step: A Detailed Guide on How This Works

Week 1

Hydration 101: The Importance of Staying Well-Hydrated

Optimizing Gut Health: The Role of Digestive Enzymes

Magnesium Deficiency: Signs, Symptoms, and Solutions

Protein-Packed: Delicious High Protein Foods to Try

Balanced Eating Made Simple: My Daily Food Routine

Week 2

Going Carnivore: What to Expect in Terms of Digestion

Life Lessons: Overcoming Traps and Pitfalls

Practical Guide: Setting Up Your Ideal Eating Window

Week 3

Reintroducing Restricted Foods: How to Add More Food Back In

Managing Food Intolerances in Everyday Life: Practical Strategies

Interpreting Your Numbers: Understanding Blood Sugar Readings

Daily Movement Habits: Small Changes for Big Health Benefits

Week 4

Hack Your Way to Better Health: Metabolism and Blood Sugar Control

Healthy Eating Made Simple: Food Hacks for Nutritious Meals

Words of Encouragement: Motivation for Overcoming Challenges

Celebrating Milestones: How to Record Your Journey to Success